• Benefits of Belomorite Moonstone

    This is a Russian Moonstone that is known as the stone of cleanliness...
  • Benefits of Poppy Jasper

    Poppy Jasper is all about bringing positivity, happiness and is great to help energize you!
  • Benefits of having Blue Chalcedony

    Blue Chalcedony is a subtle, mystic, cool and serene crystal. It has an inviting, soft blue translucence that invokes a stillness of silent respect. 
  • Benefits of having Pink Amethyst

    This will help with emotional balance, overall peace and fill your heart with love. Will help you be more understanding and calming. 
  • What crystals are best for YOUR Spiritual Growth

    Crystals can be used as a powerful tool for spiritual growth.
  • One way to use Selenite

    To access divine guidance, Selenite is a great crystal to use. 
  • How to use a pendulum

    Using a pendulum for healing is a popular technique in energy work.
  • How to protect yourself

    A simple way to protect yourself...
  • Rose Quartz

    A great crystal for inner peace and stress relief is Rose Quartz. 
  • Clear Quartz

    A great crystal for healing is Clear Quartz...
  • Alters.. DO you have one? Want one?

    Alters.. but do you know how to create one of your own? Here are a few steps/ideas on how YOU can create your very own Alter.
  • March Equinox

    The March Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, is one of two times during the year when the tilt of the Earth's axis is neither toward n...