Are you having trouble sleeping??

Having trouble sleeping lately? 😴 Well, we happen to know of a few crystals that can help you with that little problem! Here are the top 10! 
🤍Howlite. They are known for having a soothing energy that helps alleviate stress and aid insomnia.
💜Amethyst. It brings healing power to your dreams, promotes deep sleep and calms you.
🖤Black Moonstone. It reduces emotional tension and drives away negative energies.
💕Rose Quartz. It promotes calmness and helps you stay asleep. It helps absorb loving and healing energy.
💜Lepidolite. It helps you let go and creates dreams. A gentle and joyous stone that promotes peaceful sleep.
🤍Selenite. It is soaked in calm energies and cleanses your sleep space of dark energies.
💨Smoky Quartz. It fends off negative energy and keeps bad dreams away so you can sleep peacefully.
Angelite. It has a calming energy and enhances Intuition and dreamwork. It helps with seeing the meaning of dreams and problems.
💙Celestite. It brings serenity and quiets the storm within. It reminds you to be still and soft so you can sleep.
🤍Clear Quartz. They emit a clear, soothing energy which aids in falling asleep.

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