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Aura Palm Stones
Aura Palm Stones
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Aura Palm Stones

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❤️ RED: Red Aura /Ruby Aura Quartz 

All about passion, wisdom and vitality. Helps releases the bonds of past abusive relationships and eases the path of transformational change from survival to creation.

Chakra: Root, Heart

🧡 ORANGE: Tangerine /Melon/Orange Aura Quartz Palm Stones

Very helpful for people dealing with issues of self-esteem, self-worth and confidence issues.

Chakra: Sacral 

💛 YELLOW: Sunshine/Yellow Aura Quartz Palm Stones

It is extremely powerful and uplifting energy which can release deeply held emotional blockages. It is very rejuvenating and protective at the same time. 

Chakra: Solar Plexus  

💚 GREEN: Green Aura/ Apple/Pistachio Aura Quartz

Excellent to re-balance your mind, body, thoughts, experiences even your dreams and reality.

Chakra: Heart

💙 BLUE: Titanium Aura Palm Stones

Is known to possess energies that connect to all the chakras in the body. Its powerful and vital energy activates, balances, and clears the chakras, allowing you to feel grounded and balanced. 

The energy of Titanium Aura also uplifts your spirits so that you will become more confident and focused. You need a Titanium Aura Quartz in your life because it will enhance your personal power. It will encourage you to use it more often in different life situations so that you will better navigate life.

💓 PINK: Pink Aura Palm Stones

A master healer and stimulates the immune system. It helps brings the body in balance and it is also an amplifier of energy. This will uplift your mood and bring serenity and peace to you.  This will allow you to perceive, receive, manifest and accept loving energies. 

Chakra:  Heart 

💜 PURPLE: Violet Aura Quartz / Purple Aura Quartz Palm Stones

Will help cleanse your aura and make you feel lighter and enjoy the little things and have fun. Great to work with when you are making changes in your life and great to use during meditation. 

🤍 WHITE: Angel Aura Palm Stones

If you’re looking to manifest greater joy or a greater spiritual sense – this is it. This is all about positivity, power and sweet, loving energy that will stimulate and elevate your mood. It's an effective aura cleanser. When you use this crystal during meditation, you will fall into a state of peace and serenity and experience a higher and deeper level of meditation.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, Crown 

You will get one of your color initiatively selected for you. 

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