Carnelian Hearts

Carnelian Hearts

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Carnelian is a stabilizing stone. Helps balance your body’s energy levels. Also known as a prosperity and good luck stone, it's also a protection stone that will help protect you against envy, rage and resentment.  Helps keep you calm if you're angry or have negative thinking and helps replace it with love of life, fill you with warmth, joy, gratitude and happiness. 

Carnelian will keep you motivated, and it will keep your mind quick and sharp. It is a stone that activates one's flow of inner power and sexual energy flow and is often recommended for us women. 

It will keep you safe from harm and other misfortune while keeping you strong and healthy in mind & body.  Carnelian will also help stimulate your appetite – if needed.

Carnelian boosts fertility and stimulates sexuality.  Carnelian treats lower back problems, helps with cholesterol, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression. It regulates the kidneys, and accelerates healing in bones and ligaments. Improves vitamin and mineral absorption and ensures good blood supply to organs and tissues. 

Chakra: Root

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