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Customer Testimonials

I have had the opportunity to work with Jamie in the past.  She is top shelf all the way. Her tenacity, kind sole & generous heart lends her to succeed.  I just got interested in crystals last year.  I was happy to learn Jamie was selling on line!  Someone I could trust to help me on my journey.  She is very well versed in all aspects of tarot cards, smudging and especially crystals.  She is willing to teach, suggest & recommend.  As well as answer any questions you may have.  5 stars all the way!

Sue Rush

Words can not express to you the level of customer care and individual time and attention to detail spent from interaction, to detail in products, to purchase, and shipment that she spends. When I tell you that the positivity that Jamie exudes and the level of comfort she creates for your shopping experience it's hands down a no brainer for me she is my go too. The quality of the products are top of the line. She goes into extensive detail so you see what you are getting and explains about the product and when she ships your products they come with information sheets that are so beneficial! I can tell you that once you experience shopping with her you won't want to shop anywhere else because it just feels like family and a sense of belonging to a community. 

Tabatha Jenkins

Hello my name is Velda.I love purchasing my crystals, tarot cards, candles, and so much more from Jamie.The service is personalized, fun, and educational. Out of so many places and people that carry these products, I choose Jamie. I know she sources ethically, and that she cares about giving the best. Not just in products, but in her authentic genuine and quirky way.Thank you Jamie for being Beautiful You and finding me the Best Products!!🙂


Jamie is so much more than just a “salesperson”, she really engages with her clients and is super knowledgeable about her crystals, cards, and smudging! 
The weekly Lives are interesting, always learning about new and unusual stones, there are also give-aways, contests, and I’ve received some awesome free gifts with my orders. Look out for the mid-week card readings, free of charge, they are always a fun treat. I have also emailed Jamie on special circumstances in my life, and she will find a few correlating crystals to suit them! Shipping and prices are on the ball, with products in ALL price ranges; I’ve yet to find such a fabulous selection of not just crystals, but bracelets, smudge sticks, books, and sets of super cool cards! There is no pushiness, only positivity and love, I’ll be a longtime fan.

Nicole F. 

I highly recommend this business for purchasing and learning about crystals and related items, receiving tarot card readings, and lots of fun live discussions in a safe and comfortable online environment.  The website with ordering, live sales on Facebook, no-notice specials, tarot card readings, posts that provide tons of great information on crystals and their meanings, and many other benefits are all amazing.  There is no pressure to purchase anything, and the information is free!  Prices are reasonable, and payment is easy – several ways to pay quickly and painlessly.  There are no hidden fees, and all items are high quality and exactly as shown and described. Shipping is quick through USPS priority mail, and we all look forward to receiving the purple packages with notes! 

Margaret H.

I have been purchasing from Jamie for over a year and have built up a great selection of crystals. More importantly, with Jamie’s help and guidance, I have learned so much about crystals and their properties so I’ve been able to select crystals based on their beauty and intention! Jamie is always pleasant and “real”. I can’t give enough praise and thanks for guiding me into the world of crystal therapy! 💜

Liz Scheff

I have been purchasing items from this company for a few months now and I am always satisfied with my experience! My packages arrive on time and always keep me coming back for more. Jamie is a consummate professional with her business. She is knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about her brand and what she represents. You will not be disappointed! If you have a chance to get a reading or attend her “live” video sales, you will see that she provides a fun and cool experience. I definitely recommend giving her your business if you love what her brand is about! As I said, she keeps me coming back every week for more and we joke “Take all my money!!!” 

Heather O.

Shopping with Jamie is so easy. I love the lives that she does, she takes the time to explain the crystals that she is selling and she will answer any questions along they way. When I receive my package the crystals are so much prettier in person and the vibe off of them are just awesome. When she does her weekly crystal card I carry that crystal with me and it helps me so much during the week. You can't go wrong shopping with Jamie.

Terri CW

Jamie is so great. She makes me feel calmer and helps me find the crystals I need. She’s not pushy. She makes me laugh. I can’t wait for Wednesday. She helps ground me! She went on vacation but still touched base with us. I found myself stir crazy because she wasn't on last Wednesday! She gives us all the info on what she is showing us. Very enjoyable. She’s got me so involved with crystals and smudging.. My daughter enjoys her items.


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