🍂🍂 Fall Crystal MUST haves 🍂🍂

Do you ever think of picking crystals for the season and how they can help you be your best self? Well if not, then start here today!

Gather your Fall crystals and work with them and start to see a change. 

🧡Carnelian. It infuses the body with life and light calling on the powers of physical energy. It stimulates the muscles and helps oxygen find its free flow.

🧡Citrine. It helps you Crack open your mind to release tense feelings of negativity and anger. It helps overcome feelings of confusion, depression and destructive tendencies.

🤎Tiger's Eye. Washes away negative energy and lets self-confidence soar. It helps shift focus and heals relationships.

🤎Petrified Wood. Provides the essential nutrients for growth and rejuvenation and unlocks a pathway to your past life. It promotes an energetic cleanse and transfer of grounding energy.

💙Labradorite. It helps stabilize depression and Kickstarts creativity. It also revitalizes the spirit.

💚Aventurine. It's a comforter and harmonizer and is said to tap into divine femininity, fierce power and protection.

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