Alters.. DO you have one? Want one?

You have heard us talk about Alters.. but do you know how to create one of your own? Here are a few steps/ideas on how YOU can create your very own Alter.
  1. Find a space in your home where you feel comfortable, safe and quiet to set up your altar (it can be a very small space, so no worries about that).
  2. Gather any items that are meaningful to you, including crystals, jewelry, flowers, candles, photos, incense, feathers and statues of deities or other figures that represent certain aspects of life for you such as fertility, nature, love etc.
  3. Choose a central item as your focal point for your altar – this could be anything from an heirloom to a unique crystal – something that speaks to you or has special significance in your life at this time (it can always change so no worries).
  4. Arrange the items on the altar in whatever way feels right to you; it is common to arrange things in ways that reflect balance and symmetry with some items placed at the center while others may be arranged around them in concentric circles or in other shapes.
  5. Once everything is arranged to your liking you can take time to light candles or incense and meditate on the items you have chosen—paying attention to how they make you feel and reflecting on what they mean to you personally and why each one has been chosen for inclusion on the altar.
  6. A great way to finish creating the altar is by blessing it with sage or putting a protective crystal like rose quartz near the center of it for protection against negative energy coming into the space but allowing positive energy in freely!
  7. Finally, don't forget about maintenance! Keep your altar clean by dusting off items once a week and replacing any wilted flowers or burnt out candles every few weeks so that its energy remains strong and vibrant!

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