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Crystals and Relationships

Have you ever wanted to improve the communication between you and someone else? Wanted to reignite the passion you used to have? Well then, look no further because we have a list of crystals that is perfect for you. 

If you are having problems communicating then we would suggest that you use lovely blue stones as they are more commonly associated with the Throat Chakra. Blue Apatite, for example, helps you vocalize your feelings without feeling guilty. Aquamarine and sodalite are great too as both of them allow you to express yourself in a way that is not condescending or overbearing but helpful instead.

For family issues, we would suggest Rose Quartz as it not only helps you to love but to create space for compassion and forgiveness. It also strengthens family bonds and inspires understanding and acceptance.

When love is in the air then Pink Opal, Emerald, and Rhodonite can do wonders for the Heart Chakra. Not only do they attract and support genuine love but they help you to be receptive to it as well.

Want to bring some passion back into your life? Carnelian is here to help you keep that relationship fresh and exciting while allowing you to deepen your connections. It can help you release negative energy, allowing more room for positive energies.

Sadly, there are many negative and toxic relationships out there. If you need some help cutting cords and letting go of relationships that aren’t good for you then here’s a few crystals that can help. Black Tourmaline and Citrine are great for this sort of project and can even keep you shielded from negative energy.

Unity is a highly sought-after emotion and, with the help of Unakite, you can find it in no time at all. It allows you to mend relationships and overcome challenges and internal struggles. It allows you to integrate and connect with your emotions.

For friendship, we would recommend Ametrine. It can help you attract kindred spirits and connect with your soul tribe. It brings a mix of expansive joyous energy, and spiritual energy that can expand your consciousness.

Are you looking to focus on one or more relationships? 

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