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Crystals for Grief

Grieving can be a difficult process but there are crystals that can help you through it. Here's a list that you may find useful. 

Clear Quartz. It pulls physical and emotional pain away from the body. It can amplify your intentions if you wish to heal. It also cleanses the body, soul and mind.

Rose Quartz. It brings feelings of compassion and calm. It is helpful when feelings of guilt and self-blame overwhelm you by reminding you to be kind to yourself.

Rhodonite. It helps you digest shock and panic by guiding you through the process of clearing the heart and activating the love you need to get through it. It is rich in self-love and helps you heal old wounds. It helps you let go of the emotions that you don't need.

Moonstone. It is good for all stages or grief but is especially helpful for depression and tempering bursts of anger. It reminds you that emotions and time work in cycles. It is a stone of new beginnings. 

Pink Opal. It is calming and helps relieve stress and anxiety. It will bring warmth and love by healing emotional wounds. 

Black Onyx. It helps access inner strength and brings out transformation. It increases personal strength by supporting you in times of loss. 

Amethyst. It quiets the mind, soothes the body and softens the soul. It can help you from feeling overwhelmed or lost. It offers emotional comfort by quieting anger, taking away rage, taking the edge off anxiety and helps with insomnia.

Smoky Quartz. It grounds you and helps you feel rooted and stable while processing your emotions. It brings Intuition and promotes healthy action. It can shift negative energy into positive energy.

Lepidolite. It is a stone of transition and grants respite due to its calming influence. It helps you release trauma and suffering while moving through grief. It also provides centering and balance.

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