How do you cleanse your crystals?

Did you know that there are few ways you can cleanse your crystals - don't worry we will let you know which is our favorite!

Selenite is a great crystal to use to cleanse other crystals. Simply leave them together for a period of time and the cleansing should be complete.

Luckily, smudging with sage is also a safe method. Simply allow the stone to be enveloped by the smoke of the burning sage - open the window to allow the bad energy to disperse - and hold it there for about 30 seconds to a minute. If there’s a lot of bad energy then simply hold it longer, until all of it is gone.

Sunlight and moonlight  - are also good but, once again, being exposed to the elements for too long can also damage your crystals. I would recommend leaving it out overnight then returning in the morning to bring them inside. Also, if you can place them directly on the Mother Earth that definitely helps too.

If you can create a sound that manages to cause your stone to vibrate then guess what: you’ve got another way to cleanse it! Yep, any sound will do, as long as it’s loud enough to do that.

A method that is safe for any stone is brown rice, which is excellent at drawing out negativity. Just put your crystals in a bowl with some and voila,  begone negativity!

So, you can use water - salt or just plain regular tap water - but, there are a lot of crystals that are very delicate and can become damaged so please exercise caution. I would recommend doing a quick Google search to see if it can be cleansed that way or not before actually trying it.

Which is your favorite way to cleanse your crystals? Our favorite is Selenite! It is quick and easy to do. 

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