How to make Moon Water

What is Moon Water? AND how to make Moon Water!
Moon water is water that has been charged with the energy of the moon. It is believed by some to have healing and spiritual properties, and can be used for a variety of purposes such as drinking, bathing, and as an ingredient in spells and rituals. Here is one way to make moon water:
  1. Collect water in a clean and clear container, preferably glass or a crystal.
  2. Place the container of water outside during a full moon, or during the phase of the moon that you feel most connected to.
  3. Leave the container of water outside for at least three hours, or overnight if possible.
  4. Bring the container of water inside, and add crystals or herbs to the water if desired, such as rose quartz, lavender, or jasmine.
  5. Seal the container and store it in a cool, dark place until ready to use.
  6. Use the moon water within a month, as the energy of the moon will fade over time.
Moon water can be used as a tool to help focus your mind during meditation and for some people, the energy of the moon can be beneficial for their well-being. Additionally, if you are going to use the moon water for drinking or bathing, it's important to make sure that the water is safe and clean. So who is ready to make Moon Water!?

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