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Spring Crystals

Have you thought of using crystals for seasons? We are almost done with Spring and heading in Summer but here is the list for Spring to work with and help you get through this season... 

Aquamarine. It helps with anger and stress while rejuvenating your energy. It gives you inner peace and inspiration, peace of mind and anxiety relief.

Emerald. It gives you strength and opportunities along with physical healing. It helps with stress relief and a sense of purpose.

Peridot. It helps with transformation and physical healing. It gives you abundance and prosperity. It helps align and cleanses your chakras.

Morganite. It purifies and relaxes you, giving you stress relief and helping you through trauma. It helps with self-healing and new beginnings. It gives you wisdom and emotional understanding. 

Green Aventurine. It brings strength and balance, joy and abundance. It cleanses and enhances your aura. It aids in stress relief and prosperity. 

Rhodochrosite. It aids in relaxation and inner peace. It calms and transforms you and gives you stress and anxiety relief. Self and physical healing are also boosted.

Chrysoberyl. It can help heal the physical heart and helps you be gentle. It stimulates creativity and thoughts, beliefs and motivation. 

Tell us how many of the crystals on this list do you have? 


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  • Moss Agate and Labradorite. These two are my garden favorites.💜🐘

    Velda Gaschler

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