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Summer Crystals

Summer is here! Yay! So now is the time to start to work with this list of Crystals for this season! 

Sunstone. It increases energy and rejuvenation. It brings luck and good fortune, transformation and protection. It helps with aura and Chakra cleansing.

Green Aventurine. It brings strength and balance, joy and abundance. It cleanses and enhances your aura. It aids in stress relief and prosperity. 

Citrine. It helps you release negativity and anger. It will allow you to overcome confusion and depression. It gives you Optimism and creativity. 

Peridot. It aligns and cleanses your chakras. It aids in transformation and self-healing. It helps with prosperity and abundance. 

Amber. It aids in creativity and wisdom. It helps with Protection and purification. It brings light and longevity to your life and physical healing.

Ruby. It nourishes and rejuvenates your dreams and joy. It inspires creativity and courage. It aids in inspiration and insight.

Tiger's eye. It aids in strength and balance. It helps with Protection and prosperity. It gives you luck and good fortune.

Do you have this group of Crystals? 

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